SWIFT Security Policy

are you ready for the annual review?

We help banks identify security gaps, mitigate risks and comply with SWIFT’s security regulation


  • All banks will need to annually check their compliance with the new policy and report to SWIFT
  • The policy includes 27 topics, most of which are mandatory
  • Your level of compliance defined by SWIFT is made public


  • Standardization of banking security controls, including reporting, monitoring and compliance
  • Public exposure for bank’s security controls
  • Ongoing annual assessment and implementation process review

Bangladesh’s lesson is clear!

Enhance your environment security

Implement detection and monitoring tools

Allow recovery actions

STP house helps your bank to comply with SWIFT regulation and perform fast and effective risk assessment

STP house Message$hield - Anti hacking tool

We help banks to adopt most efficient measures and safeguard their environment!
We introduce a robust, lean and effective protection layer for your SWIFT traffic. Our solution prevents hackers from sending messages via SWIFT interface “under the radar” or changing the content of legitimate messages generated by the back-office throughout its flow.

Suggested Process

Define needed checks
Mapping existing situation
Identify gaps and solutions
Build a workplan
Execute workplan

STP house works with SWIFT over many different projects worldwide.
We have specific expertise in integration, process analysis and streamlining back office systems with SWIFT.
We prepared a structured analysis process, templates and questionnaire to assure short and effective mapping process, considering the new security policy requirements.
This process must be done with the customer’s team and security experts.

What does it mean

Kick Off meeting to define participants and resources
Executing security audit based on a template questionnaire
Collecting data and answers from subject matter experts in the bank
Preparing summary document: DMZ diagram, business processes, technical processes, gaps and recommendations

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