STP house is a proud SWIFT partner

SWIFT is our core knowledge. We deliver multiple SWIFT related projects to a variety of customers, worldwide. We combine domain expertise of financial communication, with the know-how and best practices of multi-tier, large scale banking projects. STP house is the correct choice for delivering your day-to-day SWIFT needs and your next SWIFT project while assuring top quality support.

Our SWIFT Services

AMH/SAA services

  • Anything you need for SAA/AMH
  • Upgrade & testing assistance
  • Transformations and flow
  • Full managed services for your SWIFT
  • Team of certified experts

Premium support

  • 24/7 client care
  • Customized services
  • Onsite presence within 2h
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Health monitoring

Your Benefits

We are here to serve all your SWIFT needs

Reduce Cost And Risks

Pay as you grow model. No upfront payment, no hidden costs. Mitigate your operational risks by working with experts and paying only for real support time

Flexible Resources
A startup environment is full of uncertainty. You never know when additional resources are required. You can use our flexible and versatile resources whenever required, whenever it helps
Experienced Support Engineers
Our team specialize in support. With our qualified engineers, we guarantee high quality of service at all times, support tools and best practices, with zero down time
Safe And Secure Implementation
Do you need to integrate your product with a large enterprise back-office? You can spend your valuable development resources on it, or you can get it done by our PS experts. We are INTEGRATION native speakers
Proactive Global Support Team

You have clients in Europe, a POC in USA and a prospect in China – how will you support them all? With our support shifts 24*7 your customers and your SLA are our focus

Ensure Profitable Projects
Rolling out a new project in a large enterprise is not a walk in the park. Allow your team to work without disruptions and let our expert project managers to deliver for you

Technical Expertise:

LINUX, WIN, WEB environments | C++, C Sharp, Java, PHP | Javascript, XML/XSLT, HTML | ORACLE, SQL | Sic, Secom, FIN SWIFT, FileAct, InterAct | EAI and MQ

Your SWIFT infrastructures must be 100% available

STP house's main focus is serving all your SWIFT needs. Our services team is comprised of consultants, project managers, technical engineers, trainers and customer support staff – all are SWIFT qualified, highly technical, experienced and love to service. You are our prime concern and helping you reach your goals in the fastest and most efficient way is our business. We guarantee to increase your SWIFT availability and productivity, make your internal and external customers happy, while reducing your costs and getting best quality deliverables. We have acquired thousands of SWIFT implementation, customization and support hours with top banks worldwide: this is our core business.

Case Study

Download Case Study
Download Case Study

Full SWIFT project management

From requirements, to design, implementation and go live

Full SWIFT project management

from requirements, to design, implementation and go live

Expertise and experience

with AMH, SAG, SNL, HSM and other SWIFT related products

Onsite and offsite SWIFT services

24*7, in a timely manner and commercially attractive

Complex integration services for SWIFT

Formats conversion, flow enhancements and connectivity integration

Your one stop solution
STP house cutting edge technical and business knowledge, allows addressing all your needs, onsite or remotely

Cut your SWIFT costs NOW

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